Year after year, graduates of Slim's Fashion & Arts School move on to become part of the fashion industry. Many have achieved remarkable success and have become icons of contemporary Philippine fashion. Our 'WALLS OF FAME' pay tribute to some of these accomplished alumni who have helped shape the industry. Their larger-than-life sketches grace the walls of the school, providing students with inspiration to make their own marks in the fashion world.
Meet some of our notable alumni. 


Dinnes Obusan

Dinnes Obusan, a resilient terno designer from Tinambac, Camarines Sur, overcame adversity to win bronze at TernoCon 2020. His life experiences and deep family ties inspire his innovative take on traditional Filipino attire. Guided by a supportive benefactor and priest, he honed his skills at Slim’s Fashion School. Obusan's award-winning collection at TernoCon, featuring fingerprint motifs and optical illusions, garnered international acclaim, leading to his own thriving business. He dreams of dressing his childhood idol, Thalia, and owning an atelier. Obusan's tenacity and creative vision promise a bright future. 

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Glyn Alley Magtibay 2018

Glyn Alley is a designer from Oriental Mindoro who loves to work with classic silhouettes and design aesthetics that have a hint of playfulness. She has been in the fashion industry for almost six years and is one of the finalists of Ternocon 3. Her biggest design influences come from everyday life and from things that are artsy and unique. She believes that every designer is creative, but she makes her work truly hers by creating personal and authentic designs that have their own stories and values. Authenticity makes the work beautiful, and she wants those who wear her creations to feel that they are special and beautiful. 

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Albert Andrada

Shortly after graduating from Slim's, Albert moved to the Middle East where he spent over 20 years designing extravagant clothes for royalty. He became a master at all things luxurious; exposure that has served him well in the development of his design aesthetic.

Albert recently decided to return to the Philippines and opened his atelier at Greenbelt 5. He was also recently named "Asia's Most Connected Designer" at the Mercedez Benz Stylo Asian Fashion Week in Kuala Lumpur.  

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Martin Bautista 2006

Martin Bautista’s ascent to becoming a favorite designer among showbiz celebrities was extremely quick. After his stint at Slim’s, his very first collection landed on Preview magazine’s Top 10 Best Collections for 2007. He was selected to participate in the milestone “Slim’s At 50” showin October 2011 for the school’s 50th anniversary, representing the batch of students of the early 2000's.

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Jaz Cerezo 2006

Jaz captured the media’s attention as a finalist in Project Runway Philippines. Her collection for Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010 was proclaimed by Preview magazine as one of the event’s best collections. She studied Fine Arts at FEU, graduating cum laude and took up Dressmaking/ Patternmaking at Slim’s

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Michael Cinco 1991

Michael Cinco, who studied at Slim’s at the same time as Joey Samson in the early 1990s, chose to make his mark internationally as a fashion designer. He pursued further studies in London and Paris half way through his career. Based in Dubai, his opulent and dramatic couture boasts intricate and innovative embellishment, finished to the highest level. He has shown his collections in Miami, New York, Dubai, and Manila. He was also the first Filipino designer to be featured on Emmy-award winning “America’s Next Top Model”, and he recently won Breakthrough Designer of 2011 at the WGSN Global Fashion Awards in New York.

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Phio Enaje 1986

In 2010, Pio Fausto Martinez Enaje or better known as Phio to his colleagues and friends, marked his 25th year in the Fashion Industry. He started his career in fashion at the young age of 16 as a ready-to-wear designer for a garment manufacturing company that supplied for private labels of Rustan’s. He then moved on to work for various fashion houses, before establishing his own couture atelier in Makati. He has done over 12 major fashion shows, and recently, moved to Dubai to work with fellow-alumnus Ezra Santos.  


Cesar Gaupo 1965

An icon in Philippine fashion, Cesar studied at Slim’s in the late 1960s, and had a brief apprenticeship with Salvacion Lim Higgins, and Aureo Alonzo. He was co-founder of the FDAP, or Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines. He gained national prominence as a pioneer of ready -to-wear with SM, and international recognition as Chief Designer of the Hong Kong based brand, Shanghai Tang. He currently runs his haute couture atelier, which he has had for 40 years, and launched his bespoke shoe line in 2006, at Greenbelt 5. A true artist, he has also started designing for the home.

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History of the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines or FDAP


Dom Martin "Gang" Gomez, OSB 1968

Edgardo Ramon “Gang” Gomez was a popular haute couture designer who catered to Manila’s fashion elite during the seventies. He studied at Slim’s and at Mayer School of Fashion in New York. He also trained under the NY Fashion Designers Foundation. He was known for "classic lines"

hand-embroidery on rich fabrics and his extensive use of indigenous materials such as jusi and pina. In 1990, Manila’s fashion world was jolted when he closed his shop and joined the Monastery of the Transfiguration in Malaybalay, Bukidnon.

In 1996, Dom Martin de Jesus Gomez, OSB, was asked to lecture on materials and designs for liturgical vestments in Rome. The request re-awakened the designer in him and he was inspired to design again. This time, the clothes would be for the celebration of the Mass, utilizing fabrics woven by the indigenous tribes of the Philippines.


Rikki Jimenez 1967

Rikki attended designing lessons in Slim’s in 1967 while enrolled in UST College of Fine Arts, Major Interior Design. He established his shop in Manila in 1970, which he continued to run until 1989. He was also a writer and columnist to Malaya & Manila Bulleting for 15 years. Before this fashion designer and columnist retired, he established “Rikki J. & Friends Foundation Inc.” in 2005, which aids the provision and construction of medical facilities.  


Aries Lagat 2005


Jay Masangya

Jay is a fashion designer by profession doing RTW for both men and women, as well as couture and bridal/formal wear. 

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Pablo Mendez 1993

Pablo graduated from Slim’s in the 1990s, and spent the first 5 months of his career teaching at the school. He then moved on to establishing himself as a successful fashion designer. Pablo recently earned three major awards: Best Philippine Representative International Competition for Young Fashion Designer in Paris, France, in 2002, the Grand Prize Winner Philippine Fashion Designer Competition in 2007, and finally, the First Philippine Representative to Asian Network Show, International Fashion Fair and Japan Fashion Week in 2009. His love for teaching never left him…Pablo returned to Slim’s to teach part time in 2010, in between his work for his clients.


Eddie Ocampo 1961

Eddie Ocampo was perhaps the first Filipino designer to achieve great success in Hollywood. Along with Oskar Peralta, he was one of the school’s first students and apprenticed with the designer Slim. At a young age, he also obtained a degree in architecture.
Dubbed a “golden boy”, he was formally introduced to the public at a show for Karilagan in 1964. Eddie soon found himself in the US, working with Jean Louis, a top designer at the time. Throughout his career, he has designed for Hollywood stars, as well as for stars of television series such as ‘Dallas’ and ‘Knotts Landing’. 


Oskar Peralta 1961

Oskar was the school’s first ever student in 1960, and credits its founder, Salvacion Lim Higgins (‘Slim’) with suggesting he spell his name with a ‘k’.

He studied directly under, and later apprenticed with Slim, prior to working with other illustrious designers and eventually estab- ishing his own atelier. He has been an iconic presence in the fashion industry since then, and was a member of the prestigious Fashion Guild as well as a founding member of the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines (FDAP). He was also the first Filipino ever to have a design featured in Vogue magazine.  

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History of the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines or FDAP


Alex Pigao 1991

Alex was the winner of the Mega Young Designers Competition in 2002, and also won the Best Collection Award at Philippine Fashion Week 2009.

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Loretto Popioco 1974

Loretto Popioco was both a fashion designer and also one of the most celebrated fashion illustrators in the Philippines.He studied at Slim’s in the early 1970s, and went on to establishing a successful designing career. As an illustrator, he was a favorite among top designers and fashion magazines. He collaborated with designer Barge Ramos to publish “Pinoy Dressing: Weaving Culture Into Fashion”.


Aaron Quitoles 2007


Joe Salazar 1960's

Joe Salazar studied at Slim’s in the 1960s, and became one of the most sought-after designers in the country. Known for his ternos and evening wear, was a favorite of First Lady Imelda Marcos. He was the first winner of the prestigious Valera and was often listed as one of the Philippines’ most outstanding designers.

He was recently nominated as National Artist. Salazar passed away in 2004 at the young age of 59, leaving behind a mark of excellence that will always be remembered.

Joe Salazar gave us his genuine best 


Joey Samson 1992

Joey Samson was a pre-med college graduate before he ventured into fashion. A Slim’s graduate in the 1990s,he has since developed a highly distinctive, tailored, and somewhat androgynous style, for both men and women. He is also known for clean lines witty designs and impeccable finish 

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Ezra Santos 1980

Ezra Santos was the first Filipino designer to establish his own haute couture atelier in Dubai in 2008, following a brief stint in Manila and in Saudi Arabia. A highly acclaimed designer, his work has been featured in international fashion magazines and events, including runway shows in the Middle East, New York and recently, in Manila. His avant-garde creations were much-applauded in the milestone ‘Slim’s at 50’ alumni fashion show in October 2011.

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Zenaida Tecson 1961

Zenaida was, along with Oskar Peralta and Eddie Ocampo, among the first batch of Slim’s Fashion Design students. She then went on to study Interior Design and Costume Design in the US, and on returning to the Philippines, designed interiors and for the furniture industry. When the Philippine Opera Company was formed, she began designing for them as Costume Director. To date, she has designed costumes for the stage including Hansel & Gretel, Once on this Island, Julius Caesar, Carmen and Harana. 


Edward Teng 1980


Oliver Tolentino 1988

Oliver began his career in Manila in the late 90s, and is the first ever Philippines-based fashion designer to expand into the United States. He opened his Los Angeles boutique in 2009. His elegant creations have seen him dubbed as the “Valentino of the Philippines”. He has designed for both Philippine stars and Hollywood celebrities.

Within 4 months of the L.A. opening, Oliver was one of a handful of designers who were invited by Downtown Los Angeles Fashion Week (DLAFW) to preview a Spring-Summer 2010 collection at the prestigious Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. He presented a 40-piece collection comprising mostly of eco-friendly fabrics, including his native piña (pineapple fiber). He has since shown in prestigious events in New York, Geneva, Hong Kong, Palm Springs, the Bahamas, Bali, and recently, had a gala show as icon for 2011 Metrowear, produced by ABS-CBN. He has also been featured on E! and his clothes were worn on America’s Next Top Model.

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Oliver Tolentino stages first Manila fashion show | View in PDF format
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Oliver Tolentino El Paseo Fashion Week Palm Springs 2011


Simon Ariel Vazques 1993


Milka Quin

A former banker, Milka changed direction a few years ago and enrolled at Slim's. She joined Project Runaway Philippines in 2012 and won the top prize, impressing judges with both designs and exceptional constructions. She continues to create her sleek garments today, catering to a growing clientele

Milka recently returned to Slim's to add men's tailoring to her remarkable skills. She will soon be teaching a new course on British Bespoke Tailoring at the school. (Milka is the third Slim's alumni in a row to win Project Runaway Philippines.)   

Interview with Project Runway Philippines Winner Milka Quin Redoble | View in PDF format


James Reyes

James Reyes spent most of his life in the business of advertising. He took a left turn into the world of fashion in 2004, studying at Slim’s and then becoming a fashion designer. His graphic sense of aesthetics comes through in many of his creations, which immediately made the fashion world sit up and take notice. James was one of the participants in the landmark “Slim’s At 50” fashion show. 

The final weeks of fashion designer James Reyes | View in PDF format
James Reyes Filipino Designer


Chito Vijandre 1977

Chito Vijandre is well known for his impeccable taste and creative ingenuity. After studying at Slim’s in the 1970s, he went on to become a successful fashion designer, credited with pioneering ready-to-wear in the Philippines while also creating bespoke clothing. He was also one of the founding members of the FDAP, and created the association’s logo. In the 1990s his creativity took him beyond the confines of fashion and into the home. Together with partner Ricky Toledo, he established his iconic lifestyle shop, Firma, which is known for its eclectic and luxurious home ware and accessories. Chito recently stepped out of fashion retirement to participate in the milestone ‘Slim’s At 50’ fashion show, presenting a spectacular collection. 

History of the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines or FDAP

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